Sharing and Collaboration in the Digital Age

Blog Assignment: Transformed Media Landscape – How is media transforming?  We’ve had a number of conversations about the new collaborative nature of media, specifically about Clay Shirky talks on this idea as it relates to the notion of ‘cognitive surplus’.  After viewing both of the required videos for this unit,  pick one or two points from his presentations and write a blog on how you see yourself or society applying a more collaborative approach to media.

I hate to break it to the world, but I think we have run out of ideas.  Hold on, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Think about it, we’re well over fifty years into this modern, mass consumption culture.  I mean, how could this not happen?  Now, let’s get past all that.  Because once we do that we can then begin to learn from our past.  What worked?  What didn’t?  What Inspired?  What mistakes should we want avoid?  How would we do it differently if given the chance?

I think the future of media is collaboration.  Today its more about using one source of media to inspire something else.  Don’t know what I am talking about? Watch an episode of Family Guy. The show is primarily made up of references to the past, while it’s also uniquely its own creation.  Because I think, to be successful, this has to be something more than just simply making what’s old, new again.

I’m an avid EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fan and it’s in our culture to share a creation and have others remix it into something new and uniquely their own.  It’s actually why I fell in love with the genre.  I love how a big room anthem could be remixed into a lounge-y poolside song for the summer, or a tribal anthem for a pride event, or a tricked out dub step banger.  Great things can be gained from collaboration, while the memorable moments of the past should  be allowed to be future sources of inspiration.