CwF + RtB

Blog Assignment: Rise of the Mass – Read the forum post by Trent Reznor on the changing music industry as well as the article about making it as a New Artist. Write a blog on the article incorporating ideas presented in class: i.e. the transformed media landscape, methods of communication throughout history, etc.

Do you agree or disagree with Trent? Why? Why not?

I ran across this other blog that perfectly captures Trent Reznor’s whole CwF + RtB philosophy. I couldn’t agree more! The future isn’t about fighting your fans. The fight everyone should be focused on is our modern day short attention spans due to over saturation. The successes know how to become a brand, and that doesn’t mean selling out. A good brand should define exactly who you are!  It’s important to take control of your message; what your about, how you want to come across, and what you’re looking to accomplish, etc.  But remember, it’s not only getting people interested, its even more important (and difficult) keeping them interested!

If you have 15 mintues watch this presentation by Michael Masnick at this years MIDEM09.  This is a perfect example of how a brands (NIN) can connect with their market by developing channels that are relevant and engaging.  If only more companies took the time to truly understand their customer on this level.

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