Web Browser History

Blog Assignment: Internet History Blog – Write a blog that incorporates a bit of Internet/Web history. This could take many possible forms so feel free to be creative!  Don’t think of it like an assignment to list the historical details.  You could write a sweeping commentary on the history of it all, you could write a biography of an important personality, or break down for us the history of Google. Incorporate multimedia – think web literacy!

Web Browser History

I present to you the complete, increasingly complex, history of the web browser… in a photo, yes one photo!

But seriously, the web browser has been around for a long time.  It’s also come a long way since the days when dial-up modems reigned supreme!  Today I am thankful that there is no one browser that dominates market share.  90’s was dominated by Netscape (unless you were using AOL or MSN), the turn of the millennium brought forth a decade dominated by Microsofts Internet Explorer (perhaps all those anti-trust lawsuits explain why?).  Today it’s a race between Safari, Firefox, IE and Google’s Chrome. You know what they always say, variety is the spice of life!


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